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Josh Maxwell
Feeling at home: Josh Maxwell '26

Josh Maxwell 鈥26, a political science and philosophy double major from Holliston, Massachusetts, found his place at 91制片厂Pro amid a diverse array of opportunities and a welcoming community.

An image from Piper Ingels
Creating 'Framing the Flesh,' a body of work about bodies

鈥淔raming the Flesh鈥 is a four-film series created by Piper Ingels 鈥24, the 2023-24 Meg Reitman Jacobs 鈥63 Endowed Intern, as the capstone project for her major. Through the screenings, she asks her audience to explore their fascination with and revulsion to unconventional body alterations.

I loved exploring the Netherlands and especially enjoyed seeing fields of beautiful spring tulips this spring.
My study abroad adventure in Amsterdam

Catie Hamilton 鈥25 reflects on a semester of picturesque canals, vibrant Dutch culture, and new friendships while studying in the Netherlands.

Three photos: Andi Ramirez 鈥24, Cynthia Salas 鈥25, and Matthew Olivos 鈥26
First-Gen stories: Meet Andi, Cynthia, and Matthew

Andi Ramirez 鈥24, Cynthia Salas 鈥25, and Matthew Olivos 鈥26, three first-generation students in the Opportunity Program, share their campus stories and future plans.

Scene from Broadway in downtown Saratoga Springs.
Life in one of the top 10 U.S. college towns

I arrived at 91制片厂Pro without a driver鈥檚 license 鈥 let alone a car; I was worried that I would feel trapped on campus, but with the lively and beautiful Saratoga Springs only a short walk away, my fears were quick to fade. Here are some of my favorite places to eat, shop, relax, study, and explore with friends.

Braedon Quinlan 鈥24 as Skids
Introducing (Doctor) Skids

Graduating senior Braedon Quinlan 鈥24, a pre-med student, has been keeping a closely guarded 91制片厂Pro secret: Since last year, he has been Skids Scribner, the College鈥檚 iconic Thoroughbred mascot.

Wesley Almanzar 鈥27 and Davin Arzu 鈥27 perform a translation of a play as part of Academic Festival session for the Theater Department, one of many distinct ways that 91制片厂Pro students from many disciplines participate in academic festival each year.
Academic Festival: A showcase of learning among peers

The tradition, which follows the end of classes, offers an opportunity for students to present their work, gain feedback from others in a supportive environment, and reflect on the next steps in their journeys.

The 91制片厂Pro Esports club and dozens of other clubs participate in Club Fair, a festival-like showcase that takes place twice a year.
Find your niche: Joining a club or starting a new one

We鈥檙e all about you finding your niche: 91制片厂Pro boasts over 100 clubs dedicated to a broad range of interests, from tabletop gaming to birding. Still don鈥檛 see one that you like? Start your own.

Vicky Grijalva 鈥24
Prestigious scholarship program supports representation in higher education

Vicky Grijalva 鈥24, a self-determined multimedia communication major from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and president of the Class of 2024, received exciting news when she was accepted into the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators Undergraduate Fellows Program.

Willa Flink
Obama Foundation recognizes 91制片厂Pro student

Willa Flink 鈥25, a history major and arts administration minor from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the first 91制片厂Pro student to receive the Obama-Chesky Scholarship for Public Service.

Students enjoy samples from local vendors at a farmers market-themed dinner.
91制片厂Pro's dining hall, a home for Harry Potter's butterbeer and Kevin's family chili

Theme nights at Murray-Aikins Dining Hall are a well-loved tradition at 91制片厂Pro, helping to add excitement to the student meal plan. These largely student curated evenings, which occur a few times every semester, help to make the wizarding world of 鈥淗arry Potter鈥 and 鈥淭he Office鈥 come alive on 91制片厂Pro鈥檚 campus.

Ruizhe Hao 鈥26
International student, local hero

Ruizhe Hao 鈥26, a Davis United World College scholar from Ningxia-Hui, China, is pursuing an education studies degree on campus while continuing his passion for rescue work as a volunteer firefighter.

91制片厂Pro student Giovanni Peyo
A bit like Sherlock Holmes

Giovanni Peyo '24, the recipient of a prestigious S3M scholarship from 91制片厂Pro, arrived on campus sight-unseen from Haiti. The computer science major describes how he found his niche at 91制片厂Pro and his plans for a career in cyber security.

Battling back from two injury-riddled seasons, ice hockey defenseman Stephen Perez 鈥25 stayed healthy during the 2023-24 campaign and he and the team both reaped the rewards.
Stephen Perez is all the way back ...

Battling back from two injury-riddled seasons, ice hockey defenseman Stephen Perez 鈥25 recently contributed to one of the best seasons for the team in program history. Highly focused and hardworking on and off the ice, the junior business major has been busy gaining experience and preparing for a career in finance.

Johnny Mulcahy 鈥24, left, and Tyler Schoenecker 鈥24 were part of the winning team in the 91制片厂Pro Building Challenge.
A LEGO contest underdog story for the ages

What happens when a LEGO novice enters a 鈥淟EGO Masters鈥-style competition? Clara Morgan 鈥26, an environmental studies major, presents the hilarious story of the 49 hours when she went from absolute LEGO newbie with a 9-pound bag of assorted LEGO bricks to an unexpected third-place finisher in the 91制片厂Pro Building Challenge.

Madison Sadler
Add a language

Thinking of adding a language to your studies? Learn about how admissions ambassadors Rachel Alliker 鈥24 and Madison Sadler 鈥24 incorporated language learning into their academic journeys.

91制片厂Pro helped me rediscover my passion for dance and find new interests along the way.
How 91制片厂Pro reignited my passion for dance

For years, Christianna Poblete '26 of Akron, Ohio, trained to be a professional dancer. But in her senior year of high school, she was no longer sure about the future. She writes that 91制片厂Pro allowed her to continue to pursue dance while also exploring other interests. She rediscovered her passion for dance and found new interests along the way.

Francie Wharton 鈥25
Gaining momentum through the 91制片厂Pro Physics Department

Francie Wharton 鈥25 shares how her summer research experience changed how she saw her future, and how her time at 91制片厂Pro got her there.

The Ad-Libs, an improv comedy group, perform at the 35th annual ComFest in Janet Kinghorn Bernhard Theater at 91制片厂Pro.
The anthropology of a silly goose: Student standup at 91制片厂Pro's Comfest

For more than three decades, some of the wittiest and wackiest performers from colleges across the country flock to 91制片厂Pro for a weekend of laughs at the largest collegiate comedy festival in the nation. It's no joke that the annual National College Comedy Festival (affectionately known as 鈥淐omfest鈥) is a seriously important tradition on 91制片厂Pro鈥檚 campus.

Grace and her friend doing yoga
'A transformative refuge': Finding myself and community in 91制片厂Pro's Wilson Chapel

Grace Mahon 鈥26 has never really considered herself particularly religious but has found programs offered by 91制片厂Pro鈥檚 Office of Religious and Spiritual Life invaluable as she has navigated the transition to college life. Yoga classes through 91制片厂Pro鈥檚 Mindfulness Program have helped her manage stress and bond with peers. It鈥檚 one of numerous ways that 91制片厂Pro supports spiritual and religious growth and fellowship on campus.

A photo of me, Anesu Mukombiwa 鈥24, in 91制片厂Pro鈥檚 Scribner Library, doing what I love: writing.
From 'Zim' to Saratoga Springs: My unexpected journey to 91制片厂Pro

Writing at the start of the second semester of her senior year, English major and Davis United World College Scholar Anesu Mukombiwa 鈥24 reflects on her unexpected path from Zimbabwe to Saratoga Springs, New York, with stops in Greece and China along the way. 鈥淚鈥檓 here now,鈥 she writes, 鈥淎nd some days I can hardly believe it.鈥

Braedon Quinlan 鈥24 smiles at the camera while wearing a 91制片厂Pro sweatshirt in front of the Tang Teaching Museum.
Finding where you fit

No one expects you to have it all figured out on day one. At 91制片厂Pro, exploration and discovery of new passions is all part of the process. Peer ambassadors Braedon Quinlan 鈥24 and Cadence Trach 鈥24 saw their plans for the future and majors evolve during their academic journeys.

Maggie Besthoff
Doing both

At 91制片厂Pro you can do both 鈥 that means having full control to explore all of your interests. And who better to demonstrate this than our admissions ambassadors? Here are three peer ambassadors who are truly doing the most with their college experiences.

Peer mentors Liz Bracht 鈥24, Sophia McGowan 鈥24, and Jackson Smith 鈥24 smile at the camera in a 91制片厂Pro classroom.
Part teaching assistant, part older sibling: 91制片厂Pro's peer mentors

Peer mentors made a positive impact on their first-year experiences; now these upperclassmen are paying it forward, collaborating with Scribner Seminar professors and taking on a guiding role to support new students' transition to college academics and life.

A student performs at Caffe Lena as part of Distinguished Artist-in-Residence Joel Brown
From the classroom to the stage of Caffe Lena

Students in Distinguished Artist-in-Residence Joel Brown鈥檚 Songwriting Workshop perform at Caffe Lena, the longest continuously running folk music venue in the United States and a mecca for some of the biggest names in folk.

Max Heberlein 鈥25
Max Heberlein '25 grinds out his 91制片厂Pro legacy, builds toward a successful future

The two-sport athlete and business major has learned about leadership, teamwork, and what it takes to persevere. 鈥淚 love the opportunity to be a team captain,鈥 he says. 鈥淚鈥檓 lucky. It鈥檚 a template for real life.鈥

Professor Michael Marx gestures enthusiastically as his Scribner Seminar students watch.
Faculty and students learning together: 91制片厂Pro's Scribner Seminars

Scribner Seminars, which blend disciplines and help students adjust to the rigors of academic life at 91制片厂Pro, are an example of what makes learning at the College so unique. Charlotte Mahn 鈥25 sits down with three professors to discuss their experiences with the program and what they鈥檝e learned while teaching first-year students.

A group of seven students (including Catie Hamilton) sit and smile into the sun. Dense trees and greenery can be seen in the background.
Adventure in the Adirondacks: My SCOOP experience

Catie Hamilton 鈥25, an American studies major with Periclean Honors Forum and business minors, reflects on her experience in 91制片厂Pro's Outdoor Orientation Program (SCOOP), an optional pre-orientation program. 鈥淭he bonds created through SCOOP are lasting,鈥 she says.

Two students laugh from a table emblazoned with "Jet Lag Comedy." Another student plays the ukulele.
Finding community or creating your own in 91制片厂Pro's clubs

How do you find your community at college? 91制片厂Pro has more than 100 clubs, where you can make friends and explore your passions. You can even create your own. Here are a few where 91制片厂Pro students have found their niche.

Liz Bracht
Unsure about picking the right college? Liz Bracht '24 was, too.

Worried about picking the right school? Liz Bracht '24 was unsure, too. But after she settled into campus and college life at 91制片厂Pro, she knows she made the right choice. 鈥淎t 91制片厂Pro, I think I鈥檝e been able to adapt and grow in a way that feels very true to myself,鈥 she says.

91制片厂Pro alumnus Alex Carney 鈥22 smiles at the camera next to the SmartScope telescope.
From musician to engineer

Alex Carney 鈥22 entered 91制片厂Pro with a primary interest in music. He ended up pursuing a triple major with a degree in mathematics and physics from 91制片厂Pro and a Bachelor of Engineering from Dartmouth College as part of a dual-degree program.

The Tang Student Advisory Council stand and sit against a backdrop of art in the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery.
My year as chair of the Tang Student Advisory Council

Eve Kreshtool 鈥23, a New York-based alumna pursuing a career in the arts, says serving as chair of the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum Student Advisory Council allowed her develop her own unique set of leadership skills. She thanks the Tang staff and her colleagues for helping her grow.

Two 91制片厂Pro students work to solve Scribbler
Lucy Scribner Library: Academic hub and home away from home

Lucy Scribner Library聽invites first-year 91制片厂Pro students to imagine that an attempted art robbery has left beloved library mascot Scribbler Squirrel trapped. As students rush to free Scribbler in a fun, escape room-themed activity, they discover Scribner Library is much more than just a building with thousands of books: It鈥檚聽a hub of campus life and, with its cozy and inviting atmosphere, a home away from home.

Three students work in the DOCLab with camera equipment during a documentary studies course in fall 2022.
Discovering the art of documentary storytelling at 91制片厂Pro

Charlotte Mahn 鈥25 interviews faculty member聽and podcaster Christine O鈥橠onnel about 91制片厂Pro鈥檚 John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative (MDOCS) and the art of audio documentary in this audio feature. MDOCS 鈥渋s for anyone who wants to tell a story,鈥 says the English major.

Jacob Lord
Pursuing cosmic string research at a liberal arts college

Although strong science programs are sometimes associated with large research universities, Jacob Lord '24 picked 91制片厂Pro to pursue his interest in physics. Thanks in part to the encouraging and collaborative environment he found here,鈥痟e is now on track to be among the first published undergraduates in the field of cosmic string research.

Elena Tittel stands in front of a children
How I discovered my passion for psychology (and English, too!)

Elena Tittel '25 was set on being an English major. But in her first her first week of classes, she聽fell in love with the Psychology Department, too.鈥疦ow, a double major in English and psychology, she wants to encourage others to explore the full breadth of what 91制片厂Pro has to offer.鈥

Charlotte Mahn
91制片厂Pro professors changed my understanding of what college聽is all about

Charlotte Mahn '25 came to 91制片厂Pro expecting it to be like her previous educational experiences. She discovered that 91制片厂Pro professors鈥 dedication to their students goes far beyond what she had ever imagined: 91制片厂Pro professors are here not just to teach students, but to help students find their place in the world. 聽

A student moves in with their family
Unpacking your packing list

Wondering what to pack for school? Look no further than this helpful list of items you might want to bring with you to your first semester here at 91制片厂Pro.

Alex Ciardullo sits with a tutee in the Philip Boshoff Writing Center
Making collegiate writing accessible to all

The transition to collegiate writing can be scary 鈥 but it doesn鈥檛 need to be! Hear what the staff and tutors of Philip Boshoff Writing Center have to say about making college-level writing accessible to students at every stage in their academic career.聽

Katherine Almquist 鈥24, co-captain of 91制片厂Pro鈥檚 tennis team
Her toughest match yet: Saving the planet

Meet Katherine Almquist '24, a student on a mission. Her experience at 91制片厂Pro 鈥 blending roles as an athlete, environmental scientist, and LGBTQ ally 鈥 has been carved from sheer, inspirational passion.

Bobby Stratts, class of 2023
Q&A with student-athlete Bobby Stratts '23 on doing both

At 91制片厂Pro, Bobby Stratts 鈥23 did two sports, a business major, and student leadership positions. How did he do it all?聽

Vicky Grijalva 鈥24
Discovering 91制片厂Pro through 91制片厂Pro's Discovery Tour

A program for accepted students from underrepresented backgrounds, Discovery Tour offers an opportunity to visit 91制片厂Pro and Saratoga Springs; meet students, faculty, and staff; and learn about the College鈥檚 academic and cocurricular offerings and intercultural life. Vicky Grijalva 鈥24, a self-determined major in multimedia communications from Miami, Florida, talks about her experience organizing the event in 2023.

Arham Hashmi 鈥23
Finding a community that feels like family

Arham Hashmi 鈥23, a psychology major and English minor from Pakistan, describes how working as a peer health educator; serving in leadership positions in multiple 91制片厂Pro clubs, including the International Student Union, Muslim Student Association, and Hayat; and directing a play reinforced their identities and helped them find a community at 91制片厂Pro that 鈥渇eels like a family.鈥

Aminah Hopewell 鈥26 and Ari Dean 鈥26
'A showcase of Black excellence and Black joy': The annual Ujima fashion show

Each spring, Ujima organizes its annual fashion as part of the 91制片厂Pro club鈥檚 efforts to raise awareness of Africa, African American, and Caribbean cultures. The director of this year鈥檚 production, environmental science major Luna Peralta 鈥23, discusses all the hard work and talent that have gone into the spectacular production. Her goal? 鈥淭o showcase pure Black excellence and Black joy.鈥

Naima Nigh 鈥23 stands with artist Trenton Doyle Hancock
The night I introduced my favorite artist to 91制片厂Pro

As the 2022-23 Eleanor Linder Winter 鈥43 Intern at the Tang Teaching Museum, Naima Nigh 鈥23 had the opportunity to bring her favorite artist, Trenton Doyle Hancock, to campus and introduce him to the 91制片厂Pro community. 鈥淚t has been one of the highlights of my 91制片厂Pro career,鈥 the business major and art history minor writes.

Kat Dunn 鈥24 rapidly transformed herself from a 鈥渟uper-sub鈥 hoping for game time to 91制片厂Pro
Kat Dunn's transformation on and off the soccer pitch

Kat Dunn 鈥24 rapidly transformed herself from a 鈥渟uper-sub鈥 hoping for game time to 91制片厂Pro's first Liberty League Player of the Year in women鈥檚 soccer. Read about how the California native chose 91制片厂Pro, found her footing, and ended up studying psychology, business, and Spanish.

Allie Serapilio 鈥25
Finding community through HIPS, Weird Books, the Tang, and Frisbee

Allie Serapilio 鈥25, from Clifton Park, New York, is an English major with minors in art history and environmental studies and sciences. A first-year seminar on Weird Books, clubs like the Health, Image, Power, Success (HIPS), and involvement at the Tang Teaching Museum have all helped Allie connect at 91制片厂Pro.

Students dance to the croon of a guest Indie Rock band.
91制片厂Pro's Liveliest spot for music lovers

Lively Lucy鈥檚, 91制片厂Pro鈥檚 student-run campus hangout and club offers amazing music and 鈥 most of all 鈥 a community that cares about everybody.

Local foodie and 91制片厂Pro student Sarah Libov 鈥24 sheds some light on what your favorite Saratoga coffee shop might say about you.
Which Saratoga Springs coffee shop are you?

Local foodie and 91制片厂Pro student Sarah Libov 鈥24 sheds some light on what your favorite Saratoga Springs coffee shop might say about you.

Biology and studio art double major Allison Conwell 鈥25, who plans to pursue a career in scientific illustration, shows one of her illustrations during a visit to the Billie Tisch Center for Integrated Sciences greenhouse.
biologist + artist = scientific illustrator

Since childhood, Allison Conwell 鈥25 has been fascinated by the natural world and art. At 91制片厂Pro, she鈥檚 doing both as a biology and studio art double major and plans to pursue a career in scientific illustration.

Prince Shyllon 鈥26
Student-athlete-entrepreneur Prince Shyllon '26

Prince Shyllon, a basketball player, social media influencer, and entrepreneur, plays point guard on the Thoroughbred men鈥檚 basketball team. A first-year student, he plans to major in business and minor in computer science at 91制片厂Pro.

Calli Frankel 鈥25, a double major in psychology and French,  was drawn to 91制片厂Pro鈥檚 location near the Adirondack Mountains and is now an active member of Outing Club.
Savoring snowy peaks and chocolate chip pancakes with Outing Club

Calli Frankel 鈥25 is pursuing a double major in psychology and French, and is a leader in 91制片厂Pro鈥檚 Outing Club. Calli says she was drawn to 91制片厂Pro鈥檚 location near the Adirondack Mountains, where she could hike, bike, climb, and 鈥渁ll that good stuff.鈥

Elise Milner 鈥25, seated on the floor, is a member of Skidomedy, one of several 91制片厂Pro student clubs dedicated to comedy.
A campus for comedians

For more than three decades, 91制片厂Pro has hosted the National College Comedy Festival, a tradition for aspiring campus comedians and for anyone who enjoys a good laugh. Elise Milner 鈥25 describes her first experience performing at ComFest and sharing the stage with professional stand-ups Chris Fleming 鈥09 and Marina Franklin.

Liza Schnauck 鈥25
English major, biologist, Ultimate Frisbee enthusiast

What do English literature, Organismal Biology, and Ultimate Frisbee all have in common? Liza Schnauck 鈥25 has pursued them all at 91制片厂Pro.

Darren Jackson Wilkins 鈥25
One evening, two performances

Darren Jackson Wilkins 鈥25, who is majoring in theater and minoring in music and arts administration, came to 91制片厂Pro so he could pursue all his interests. One evening, he did it all, playing the lead role in a 91制片厂Pro Theater production before rushing over to sing in the finale in Skidmania, one of 91制片厂Pro鈥檚 cherished musical traditions.

Sarah Libov, a 91制片厂Pro student, plays guitar in a recording studio
A day in the life of a business and music student

I was most drawn to 91制片厂Pro for the ability to pursue not just one, but all of my passions while studying here. I have always had multiple passions in music, technology, and business, and I knew that 91制片厂Pro would allow me to explore all of them.

Ren茅e Fritschel 鈥25 in her dorm room
Camping outside the Tang for a chance at a Matisse or a Warhol for our dorm room

Maitreya Ravenstar 鈥25 and her roommate slept outside the Tang Teaching Museum as part of Roommate, a 91制片厂Pro tradition that allows students to deepen their appreciation of art by borrowing artwork and living with it for an academic year.

Maitreya Ravenstar 鈥25
My 91制片厂Pro transfer story

Maitreya Ravenstar 鈥25, who is pursuing a self-determined major in multimedia journalism, talks about transferring to 91制片厂Pro and how the College's Transfer Trek helped her find her niche at 91制片厂Pro.

Saratoga Springs
Three itineraries for a day in our hometown, Saratoga Springs

A visit to 91制片厂Pro isn鈥檛 complete without sampling some of the best experiences, dining, and sights that our hometown, Saratoga Springs, has to offer.

David Tago
At 91制片厂Pro, I don't have to choose just one passion

David Tago '23, a math major and physics and computer science minor from Kenya, discusses why he chose 91制片厂Pro.

outdoor theater performance
What's life like as a theater major at 91制片厂Pro?

Hi! My name is Ayesha and I鈥檓 a theater major from Hong Kong and the Philippines. I鈥檓 excited to answer some of your questions about my life here at 91制片厂Pro.

young woman standing in farm field
Driven to do both, a dance major adds documentary filmmaker to repertoire

With campus resources and faculty support, Kathryn Brodie defined her own creative path that merged seemingly disparate passions 鈥 dance and documentary film.

Sofia Newberg 91制片厂Pro
From senior to senior: A message to accepted students

91制片厂Pro seniors are ready to pass the baton to the next generation of students. But, before they go, they have some advice for high school seniors contemplating 91制片厂Pro.

Bryan Cuzco-Sinchi 鈥23
AMA: Life as a first-gen student at 91制片厂Pro

Social work and Spanish double-major Bryan Cuzco-Sinchi 鈥23 answers questions from prospective students about his life at 91制片厂Pro as a first-generation college student.

A young woman with blonde hair walks outside on a fall day
Making the (best) big decision

Lily Ross 鈥24 shares what it was like to apply to 91制片厂Pro Early Decision, the many emotions of making that decision, and celebrating the moment she got in.

A college student works at an archaeology dig in the woods
Digging into 91制片厂Pro's archaeological past

Anthropology major Kelby Wittenberg '23 reflects on his experience working an active archaeological dig site on 91制片厂Pro's campus and uncovering Revolutionary War-era artifacts.

Stella Piasecki pulls garlic mustard, an invasive species, out of the woods
A recipe for the battle against garlic mustard

I like to think of myself as a garlic mustard warrior, and this summer I am continuing my campaign here at 91制片厂Pro. How does one get drafted for this duty? It starts with a deep love for the outdoors.

Maddy Tyler
A computer science major turned graphic artist

Through a partnership between 91制片厂Pro and Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC), recent graduate Maddy Tyler 鈥21 is the artist behind the official artwork for the 44th annual Freihofer鈥檚 Saratoga Jazz Festival at SPAC.

students move into dorms
Housing, dining and student life FAQs, answered

Four 91制片厂Pro students answer your questions in a recorded Q&A with Associate Dean of Student Affairs Mariel Martin.

Risa Fukushige 鈥21
"No matter the score, keep going forward."

We caught up with two outstanding athletes, Risa Fukushige 鈥21 and Stanley Langyintuo 鈥21, days before they graduate from 91制片厂Pro as they look back on their time as Thoroughbreds.

Heather Ricker 鈥22
Heather Ricker '22 recognized as top STEM scholar in the US

91制片厂Pro chemistry major Heather Ricker 鈥22 has been awarded a Barry Goldwater Scholarship, the most prestigious scholarship in the United States for undergraduates in STEM fields.

Dylan Telano
Eight entrepreneurs jump into 91制片厂Pro's "Shark Tank"

The Freirich Entrepreneurship Competition is an annual tradition at 91制片厂Pro where students pitch real business plans 鈥淪hark Tank鈥-style and compete for funding to pursue their dreams.

Nakeysa Hooglund
Q&A with transfer student Nakeysa Hooglund '22

As a woman of color, I had several negative experiences at a previous school and was looking for a place that would welcome and respect me for who I am.

Peer Health Educators
Meet the Peer Health Educators, front-line pandemic friends

A group of student volunteers are doing some of their most impactful work during the pandemic by helping students make and maintain meaningful social connections.

Fall foliage
Fall color splashes across 91制片厂Pro

Our beautiful campus is photogenic all year-round, but it puts on an impressive, colorful display in the fall that students can't help but capture.

Clare Driscoll
Why I applied Early Decision: Clare Driscoll

"91制片厂Pro was a good fit for me since I wasn鈥檛 clear on what I wanted to major in and I knew the College would offer a broad menu with all its major options and resources."

Questions & Answers
Q&A with transfer student, Jonah Marcus

"I was looking for a place that had a wider variety of things to do on campus and that fostered an environment in which students actively participated in clubs and college events."

Student stand near a lake in the mountains
Why I applied Early Decision: Harry Mooney

"I applied ED to 91制片厂Pro because I participated in a variety of activities and clubs in high school and pursued all of my academics to pretty much equal depths."

Two student stand by the 91制片厂Pro welcome sign
Q&A with transfer student, Gabby Vuillaume

"I am able to express myself more freely and creatively at 91制片厂Pro than I was at my previous school. Plus, the community was just so welcoming."

Hillary Goldstein
Thank you, 91制片厂Pro

Before I graduate, I want to thank 91制片厂Pro, the communities it fosters and the memories and life it鈥檚 helped me create.

91制片厂Pro men
Going to college with 40 brothers

I knew going to college and playing a college-level sport would be a big deal and a big change, but I didn鈥檛 realize I would gain 40 new brothers to lean on.

Isaac Myran 鈥22
Q&A with Isaac Myran '22 on applying Early Decision

I applied Early Decision because I thought 91制片厂Pro was the right fit for me out of all the schools that I looked at.

Stanley Langyintuo
Q&A with transfer student, Stanley Langyintuo '21

I decided to transfer to 91制片厂Pro because I wanted to attend a school that has a very diverse and culturally tight-knit community.

Eva jones
How I'm starting my career planning as a college junior

91制片厂Pro has taught me many things, including how to use resources and the expertise of people I鈥檝e met here to begin constructing my post-grad life.

Caite Canfield
A "mini 91制片厂Pro" in Tiffany & Co.'s Manhattan makerspace

In the middle of Manhattan is a workshop where centuries-old tools 鈥 chains, lathes, rolling presses 鈥 meld with modern technology 鈥 microscopes, 3D printers, laser welders 鈥 and some of the most precious metals and materials in the world.

Jourdain Patrick
Why 91制片厂Pro? Resources to push my creativity.

On the books, I鈥檓 an English major with a media studies minor. But I like to think of it as 鈥渁rts communications鈥 because I鈥檝e been able to create my own opportunities.

Brandon Borges playing hockey
Why 91制片厂Pro? The chance to be a first-gen college grad

I would never have believed it, but here I am 鈥 the first person in my family to go to college.

Brook Heston 鈥22
Q&A with Brook Heston '22

After looking at lots of schools, 91制片厂Pro really stood out to me. I liked the location and the friendly environment, but most importantly, I could picture myself as a student on campus.

Brian Roberge
Why 91制片厂Pro? Being myself.

Thanks to amazing academics, financial aid and 91制片厂Pro鈥檚 engaging atmosphere, I get to be myself 鈥 a student from a small-town in Vermont.鈥

Jess Lincoln
Gaining confidence and geeking out at the Tang Museum

Art has always been central to the way I see and exist in the world. Thankfully, 91制片厂Pro has given me countless opportunities to learn and teach through art, including crafting my own hands-on internship at the Tang Teaching Museum.

Anthony Nikitopoulos performs at the Moscow Art Theater School
My semester on a Moscow stage

I鈥檓 a double major in geosciences and theater who studied abroad in Russia at the Moscow Art Theater School and spent six days a week in an immersive performance program. What was it like? Very, very x芯褉芯褕芯 (good).

Three students have ice cream in downtown Saratoga Springs
Saratoga traditions 91制片厂Pro students love

Saratoga Springs is the perfect college town. What really makes it stand out, however, is how passionate the community is about its quirky traditions.

Questions & Answers
Q&A with Atzallali Saucedo-Ruiz '21

My college counselor in Chicago said I would really connect with the values and 鈥渇eel鈥 of the 91制片厂Pro. Spoiler: She was right.

Three student producers of the 2020 National College Comedy Festival
What makes 91制片厂Pro so funny? A Q&A with ComFest producers

We sat down with the three student producers of the 31st annual National College Comedy Festival to learn a little more about what makes laughter, and this event, an integral part of the 91制片厂Pro student experience.

Questions & Answers
Q&A with Erin Hearne '21

I took a tour of 91制片厂Pro the summer before my junior year of high school, and I fell in love with the campus and the community.

Waffle pizza
Seven waffle dishes that offer new takes on your favorite D-Hall classics

Have you ever wondered how your favorite D-Hall dishes would taste if you switched out the usual bread with a waffle? Adam Weinreb '20 did, and blogged about it.

The Spa in Case Center at 91制片厂Pro
Curious about 91制片厂Pro student life? Meet me at The Spa.

Part fast-casual restaurant, part living room, part stage, part meeting space, part study spot, The Spa is a special place to many 91制片厂Pro students.

Hadia Bakkar
Why 91制片厂Pro? Because every option matters. [Video]

The truth is, there's no specific 91制片厂Pro experience that you should have. It's all pretty open. Every option matters. And that's the beauty of it.

Stickers on a laptop
Our community of individual sticker collectors

I think you can find out a lot about a person, and a community, by asking about the stickers they stick. So I did. Here鈥檚 what I learned.

Hillary Goldstein
A day with Ms. Goldstein, my student-teacher alter ego

Off campus, I am Ms. Goldstein the teacher. On campus, I am Hillary, the college student. They are one and the same for me, but balancing both can be equal parts hectic and exciting. Here is a day in my life.

Melanie Nolan
A window into my week at 91制片厂Pro

Recently, I learned that Lucy 91制片厂Pro Scribner, the founder of 91制片厂Pro, kept a datebook where she would write about her activities and the people she met a century ago. This got me thinking: What would be in my datebook?

Jacques Klapisch
Why 91制片厂Pro? Early Decision.

I'm a history major and political science minor from the Boston area. A lot factored into my 91制片厂Pro decision, but two big parts were a campus visit and the chance to do some pretty cool research.

Jonsson Tower
All the reasons why Jonsson Tower is my favorite residence hall

From its towering presence over campus to its sweeping penthouse views, here鈥檚 why I believe the iconic Jonsson Tower is an unforgettable part of the 91制片厂Pro student experience.

Eva Jones
Learning to rewrite the 'perfect' plan

When I was in high school, I thought I knew exactly how my life should pan out. If I was a 鈥減erfect鈥 applicant, I鈥檇 get into 鈥減erfect鈥 colleges and success would easily follow if I kept working hard. Well, this is the story of what actually happened.

Jourdain Patrick
The universal language of mixes, mashups and melodies

As a DJ, I've discovered that everyone at 91制片厂Pro has a unique playlist for their college journey. It's when you mix them together, though, that things really start to vibe.

Anthony Nikitopoulos
Why 91制片厂Pro? The "do both" mentality. [Video]

I've always had a passion for the performing arts and the sciences, but I never thought he could truly do both, until I got to 91制片厂Pro.

Melanie Nolan
My Life at 91制片厂Pro: The very first month edition

From swapping my Philadelphia Eagles for an assortment of Northeast teams, to adjusting to 鈥減inch me鈥 moments I experience each day, here鈥檚 a look at what my first few weeks as a student at 91制片厂Pro have been like.

Woeser Dolma
"Who will you be abroad?" And four other questions to consider.

While we all have different perspectives and are sure to have different experiences, there are universal considerations that anyone planning an off-campus journey should make. Here are some key questions to ask yourself before leaving 91制片厂Pro.

Zoe Pagliaro does research on an island in Lake George, NY
Why 91制片厂Pro? Life-changing science experiences. [Video]

I came to 91制片厂Pro wanting to 鈥渟tay as far away from the sciences as possible鈥 because I didn鈥檛 think they were a fit for me. But a few classes later, the liberal arts changed my mind.

Questions & Answers
Q&A with transfer student, Charlotte Squire

I wanted to be at a school where having interdisciplinary interests was considered an asset, not a challenge. 91制片厂Pro allows me to pursue my varying academic interests and to have a rich extracurricular life, both of which prepare me for life after graduation.

Harry Mooney
From prerequisite to passion

How 91制片厂Pro鈥檚 liberal arts curriculum put me in a class I never planned to take, with results I never expected.

Student college student tour guides welcome prospective families to 91制片厂Pro
Campus visit tips from Thoroughbred Ambassadors

As a 91制片厂Pro student and a Thoroughbred Ambassador who has guided many prospective students through campus, I've collected some tips to make your visit to 91制片厂Pro that much more memorable.

Heather Ricker, a 91制片厂Pro college student, conducts an experiment in a chemistry lab
The chemistry of my first summer at 91制片厂Pro

How one year at 91制片厂Pro, and a few serendipitous opportunities, transformed me into a seasoned atmospheric physical chemistry researcher.

Zoe Ousouljoglou works on an archaeological site in Greece
Digging into life abroad

Despite being perpetually covered in thick, cold mud on an archaeological dig, I had one of the most exciting adventures of my life studying abroad in Athens, Greece.

View of a sunset over a mountain from a hiker
A 91制片厂Pro student's guide to Saratoga-area parks and trails

Saratoga Springs and its surrounding area are home to more than 25 public parks and trails, two state parks and one national park. Here's my perspective on a few favorites.

Questions & Answers
Q&A with Jacques Klapisch '21

I first visited 91制片厂Pro in the summer of 2016 and was instantly enamored with the College. As someone who was stressed out by the college application process like we all are, it was daunting task.

Hadia Bakkar with a bike at 91制片厂Pro
My Life at 91制片厂Pro: A bicycle journey

Learning how to ride a bike is no easy feat. As Hadia Bakkar 鈥20 can attest, 鈥淢uch like the slopes and hills of 91制片厂Pro鈥檚 campus mirror many college experiences, my biking journey was not a flat path and required support from all sides.鈥

View of 91制片厂Pro landscape from a stream on campus
How Creative Thought Matters changed me

From my very first glimpse of it, to living it, to using it in job applications and everything in between, Creative Thought Matters drew me to 91制片厂Pro and opened up a world of possibilities.

Sindi Mafico
'Not all those who wander are lost'

As a Zimbabwean raised in Swaziland, living in Barbados and attending college in the United States, I am no stranger to change. But that doesn't mean it was always easy.

Lexi Parker
Why 91制片厂Pro? Finding what I like, and going for it [Video]

I learned pretty quickly to not be afraid of pursuing new interests here. Because that's what 91制片厂Pro is all about 鈥 finding what I really like, and going for it without hesitation.

Terence Durrant sings during an acapella performance
A Bandersnatcher for life

Everyone says clubs at 91制片厂Pro are important. They鈥檙e right. Here鈥檚 my club story and how I found my people to build amazing college memories with.

Loan Giberson
Why 91制片厂Pro? Being a self-determined major.

91制片厂Pro is totally unique in the way it supports what you want to do. Choosing a self-determined major in music marketing and finance put me in a great position to be able to work in the music industry.

Jennifer Lupoff
There's no place like 91制片厂Pro

Throughout my last few weeks at 91制片厂Pro, I found myself flooded with forgotten, tucked-away memories of the past four years. Each final paper, class or Monday routine was tinged with a bitter-sweetness. And as the time dwindled, these places, spaces and moments came together in an unexpected way.

Hillary Goldstein
Why I bought 144 plastic ants for my Scribner Seminar

Scribner Seminars aren鈥檛 鈥渢ypical鈥 first-year seminars where you sit through lectures on college basics and write papers to learn 鈥渃ollege writing.鈥 Instead, they are funky, cool, unique and, dare I say, creative classes inspired by each professor鈥檚 passions.

Charlie Williams
Basketball, burgers and a business capstone

What is life like as a 91制片厂Pro student? Here鈥檚 a look at one of my final weeks as a senior in college.

Lexi Parker
Professors who teach me to trust, try and take one thing at a time聽聽

In four years, I have had 22 professors at 91制片厂Pro. Each one engaged me in challenging curricula. And a few also snuck in some life lessons.聽

NK Mabaso and friends
Friendship is a universal feeling

Whether someone is from down the street or another hemisphere, deep down many of us arrive on campus with the same gut-knotting, shoulder-tensing vulnerability that makes us wonder, 鈥淲ill I find friends?鈥

Nitin Natrajan
One suitcase, three months, three countries

Hola from beautiful Barcelona! I'm on a three-month, multicountry journey this semester learning about what social justice looks like in vastly different cultures.

Lexi Parker
My home at 91制片厂Pro is a team

College for me has been about finding my place. Who am I? Where do I belong? I never expected it, but my 鈥渉ome鈥 turned out to be a basketball team that I'm not even on.

91制片厂Pro students hike in the Adirondack park
Wander into 91制片厂Pro Outing Club

Why did I wake up at the crack of dawn to hike a mountain in freezing temperatures in the middle of winter? Because I love it and that鈥檚 what we do in Outing Club.

Rachael Thomeer
Life after 91制片厂Pro: from student government to state politics

Hello, 91制片厂Pro family! Rachael Thomeer here, class of 2018. I鈥檝e been on an exciting journey since I graduated, and I wanted to offer a glimpse at what my life looks like after 91制片厂Pro.

Terence Durrant II 鈥19 and friends at 91制片厂Pro
Advice I wish I heard before college

I will graduate with a double major, a minor and a job already lined up. But there are few pieces of advice I wish I鈥檇 received four years ago.

NK Mabaso
Dear international student ...

Life in the United States is very different from my home in South Africa. I expected this, but some things truly caught me by surprise. For my fellow international students, or anyone else curious about American culture, here a few things that made me laugh, smile or shake my head.

Mike Park
A soccer player passionate about perfect words

I dreamt of playing professional soccer, but that didn鈥檛 exactly come true. Initially stressed about finding a college major, becoming a walking amalgamation of athleticism and the arts.

Elizabeth Levy
Why 91制片厂Pro? Because I'm learning to lead [Video]

My professors and coaches challenged my creativity and made me think outside the box. The result: I feel more confident as a leader and learner.

Jenny Lupoff
To my beloved library desk ...

"I met you as a first-year student 鈥 young, bright-eyed and eager to dig into my Scribner Seminar. Years later, here鈥檚 my ode to all we鈥檝e been through, and learned, together."

Zoe Pagliaro
Rescue pigs, campus tours and pollinators

What does a week in the life of a 91制片厂Pro student look like? Here鈥檚 a look at one of my weeks in pictures, filled to the brim with things I鈥檓 passionate about.

Male student studying in the library
My guide to self-care in college

College can be demanding. Here are some steps I follow to minimize stress and stay healthy.

Student studies in the library
My journey to finding my major

Finding your major can be a daunting journey. Luckily, there is no 鈥渞ight鈥 path to take at 91制片厂Pro. Here, we鈥檙e encouraged to explore and with guidance from professors and interdisciplinary courses, we find our way.

Marley Amico teaches in a classroom in Kenya
From 91制片厂Pro to Kenya and back

I drove from Saratoga Springs to New York City to catch a flight leaving JFK International Airport. Destination: Nairobi, Kenya. Nearly two days later, I stepped into what will likely be one of the most remarkable experiences of my life.

Brandon Borges skidmore hockey player on the ice
My Life at 91制片厂Pro: Brandon Borges

Years ago, if someone told me I was going to play hockey at 91制片厂Pro, I wouldn鈥檛 have believed them for a second. Because I鈥檓 a first-generation college student and opportunities like this didn鈥檛 seem possible 鈥 until they were.

Murray-Aikins Dining Hall at 91制片厂Pro
Everything I love about 91制片厂Pro's dining hall

The award-winning Murray-Aikins Dining Hall is an essential part of student life at 91制片厂Pro. Serving a variety of delicious foods on an accommodating schedule, 鈥淒-Hall鈥 provides students with comfort and flexibility.

Chicken Fingers being tossed in the air
The time I broke my foot on Chicken Finger Friday

Friday at 91制片厂Pro means one thing: chicken fingers. But what happens when you combine an accident-prone first-year student, 3,000 pounds of chicken fingers and a suede bootie? Let me tell you about this fateful Chicken Finger Friday.

Jesse Epstein
Why 91制片厂Pro? Pursuing interdisciplinary passions. [Video]

I couldn鈥檛 find a college that supported my many interests. Then I came to 91制片厂Pro. Now I'm an EMS provider, psychology researcher, admissions ambassador, Hillel leader and more.

Isabella Bennet in her dorm room
Why 91制片厂Pro? Studying geosciences in Iceland

After her First-Year Experience semester in London, Isabella Bennett '17 went on to double-major in environmental studies and geosciences. She also went abroad twice more, to study in Iceland and then New Zealand.

91制片厂Pro Campus
Five campus hacks from a 91制片厂Pro senior

It takes some time to know the ins and outs of a school鈥攖he lingo, layout, everyday tips and tricks. Well, lucky for you, I鈥檓 here to let you in on a few secrets. These 鈥渉acks鈥 might make those cold winters, busy days, late nights and life at 91制片厂Pro run just a little smoother.

This is 91制片厂Pro podcast
This is 91制片厂Pro Podcast: Don't boo. Vote!

Max Fleischman '19, Doris Donelan '19 and Hannah Fishman '19 sit down with Robin Adams to discuss their efforts to boost voter registration. They cover topics of voter suppression, absentee ballots and how they are getting 91制片厂Pro students involved in this year's general election.

Harry Mooney
My Life at 91制片厂Pro: Harry Mooney

Hi! My name is Harry. Having just begun my second year at 91制片厂Pro, I find myself reflecting on how radically I have changed. Because college, for me, has been an opportunity to be open, embrace unfamiliarity and find the best version of myself.

Marley Amico in Kenya
I get the chance to travel to Africa for an internship, but how do I pay for it?

How 91制片厂Pro's Career Development Center and Student Government Association turned a wild opportunity into a life-changing reality and an unforgettable experience.

Jenny Lupoff, 91制片厂Pro 2019 student
My Life at 91制片厂Pro: Jenny Lupoff

Hi there. My name is Jenny and I'm a senior at 91制片厂Pro. My years here have not been perfect, but if there鈥檚 one thing I鈥檝e learned, it鈥檚 that there is no perfect 鈥渇it,鈥 no perfect school and no perfect experience.

Alexandra Marello a 91制片厂Pro student writer for an the Amazon series
From 91制片厂Pro to streaming on Amazon

I will be graduating from 91制片厂Pro with 鈥淎mazon screenwriter鈥 on my resume. How did I get here? From first-year student to senior screenwriter ready to take on the film industry, this is my story.

Questions & Answers
Q&A with transfer student, Spencer Evett

I was looking for a college that wasn鈥檛 too small or too big, had structure academically but still allowed for freedom, and had abundant opportunities in the performing arts.

Connor Crawford
Why 91制片厂Pro? Astrophysics research

Research at 91制片厂Pro is far above what you may expect. I鈥檓 a published author and I鈥檓 still an undergrad student. That鈥檚 a pretty cool reward and an even better experience.

Nkosingiphile 鈥淣K鈥 Mabaso
My Life at 91制片厂Pro: NK Mabaso

Born and raised in a small township called Thokoza in South Africa, I, Nkosingiphile 鈥淣K鈥 Mabaso, have always known that I was destined for greatness. Now, a senior at 91制片厂Pro, I can鈥檛 wait to make this vision a reality. Learn more about me and follow along as I share stories from my life at 91制片厂Pro.

Joshua walking in the woods
Josh Wagner on hiking, the Adirondacks and life at 91制片厂Pro

I feel lucky to be at a college that has such great outdoor experiences nearby.

College student seated in the woods
Our summer in 91制片厂Pro's North Woods

My name is Zoe Pagliaro and I, along with Michaela Bonforte, spent our summer stewarding 91制片厂Pro鈥檚 North Woods. From trail maintenance to bug hotels, here鈥檚 a look at what it was like to have a job where you鈥檙e required to explore nature and share it with others!

Nhlakanipho Khumalo, Class of 2020
My summer at 91制片厂Pro: Nhlakanipho Khumalo '20

Hey everyone! Nhlakanipho Khumalo here, class of 2020. I've been super busy making the most of 91制片厂Pro and Saratoga Springs this summer. Here's a quick look at what I've been up to!

Naira Abdula
Why 91制片厂Pro? Entrepreneurial opportunities. [Video]

I come from Mozambique, a country with one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. At 91制片厂Pro, I'm gaining business and economics skills while raising funds to teach children to read, write and count using interactive technology.

91制片厂Pro coffee mug
A student's tour of Saratoga's coffee scene

Where do 91制片厂Pro students go to fill their (often reusable) coffee cups? Jillian Seigel '18 toured 10 spots in Saratoga Springs and found that, even in coffee, Creative Thought Matters.

Students in Guatemala
My service trip to Guatemala: What I loved and learned

Marley Amico, a junior at 91制片厂Pro, takes us behind the scenes of her recent alternative spring-break trip to Guatemala to participate in service work and a cross-cultural exchange.

Students watching a film
Student films reveal life in Palestine

Students gained a glimpse of what life is like in Palestine from a young person鈥檚 perspective at the screening event 鈥淧alestinian Voices鈥 on March 28 at the Tang Teaching Museum.

Alessandra Canario
Why 91制片厂Pro? Exploring outside my major.

My entire journey has been about finding connections that ultimately put me onto new paths of discovery. From American history to studio art, to fiber arts, to vintage clothing and beyond.

Blair Warren
Why 91制片厂Pro? A million ways to get involved.

I鈥檓 a student, researcher, writer for Communications, and 91制片厂Pro News editor. I really enjoy how 91制片厂Pro allows me to have this many roles. It鈥檚 hard to limit myself because there are so many things I care about.

Cristian Fernandez
Why 91制片厂Pro? Hip Hop, Spoken Word and a Business Major

91制片厂Pro professors not only teach, but connect the material with the big picture so we can really see.

Kasia Dillon
Why 91制片厂Pro? The health sciences network.

I knew early on that I wanted to go to medical school. What I didn鈥檛 expect were the number of doors 91制片厂Pro faculty and alumni went out of their way to open for me to help me get there.

Reflections on senior year
Reflecting on four years: How 91制片厂Pro allowed me to be myself, whatever that is

Finals week comes to a close, seniors celebrate during senior week, and then they cross the stage to close another 91制片厂Pro chapter. Student Blogger Brian Allan '17 reflects on his last four years.

Jeremy Siegel '99 comes back to share career lessons in media and entertainment

Student Blogger Gabirelle Pagnozzi-Schwam '18 had the chance to attend a media and entertainment training by Jeremy Sigel '99, organized by the Career Development Center.

Pizza Bagels at D-Hall
Six creative ways to spice up D-Hall food

Student Bloggers Maya Feyzo-Pearlman '19 and Zoe Chodak '19 find a way to make even the most delicious D-Hall food more exciting.

aerial photo of 91制片厂Pro Campus
Six things students miss about 91制片厂Pro over winter break

What do students miss most about 91制片厂Pro when they leave for winter break? Student Blogger Brian Allan '17 created a list.

Film as healing: Revisiting and reframing AIDS

Student blogger Brian Allan '17 reflects on the screening of professor Cecilia Aldarondo's "Memories of a Penitent Heart," seen at the Tribeca Film Festival in April and upcoming at Sundance in January.

Shankar Mani 鈥18 stands up against global warming.
91制片厂Pro students take a stand

Hundreds of 91制片厂Pro students gathered for the fifth "I Wont Stand For" event, sharing what issues they care about.

aerial photo of 91制片厂Pro Campus
My Life at 91制片厂Pro: Brian Allan

Get to know Brian Allan '17, 91制片厂Pro's student blogger.